Al Gore goes vegan

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Al Gore is now VEGAN!!!

For many years, I have been driving my Prius around with a bumper sticker that reads "Real Environmentalists are Vegan".  I have been waiting for this to happen since he made the "Inconvenient Truth" documentary.

New Nutrition Facts info for Ingredients

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We now have nutritional data coming into the system by  There are some known issues for now; namely allergy info does not seem to be populated for the ingredients and will require manual editing to set the proper allergy info for the ingredients.

Sometime soon, this data will be used in calculating a rough Nutrition Facts label for each recipe.

So, check out the awesome nutrition facts for Kale.

Great video from vegan star Mayim Bialik

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Do you want to make history?

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There is no reason for eggs or dairy products for delicious cookies.  These snickerdoodles are just delicious and depending on how you bake them, they can be soft and chewey or more crisp.

Vegan Song

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A Nice Fattening Breakfast, Perchance?

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I've observed that I focus best after a fatty/savory breakfast than after a starchy/sweet one. As a vegetarian, I used to eat a slice of whole wheat bread with brie or an egg for breakfast, and found that satisfying. Now, I'm trying to find a vegan substitute to use as a standard breakfast in place of cereals.

Here are some of the criteria:


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